Worksop: Mystery surrounds ‘redundancies and 20 percent pay cuts’ at North Notts College

North Notts College,Worksop
North Notts College,Worksop

North Notts College bosses are remaining tight-lipped amidst speculation that their teaching staff are facing redundancies as well as a ‘20 per cent pay cut’ in less than two months’ time.

The claims were made in an anonymous letter that was sent in to the Guardian from a ‘concerned individual’.

The letter reads: “Not only are there redundancies afoot at North Notts College, but there is a pay cut for lecturers.”

“The teaching staff is facing a 20 per cent pay cut in less than two months’ time.”

“Morale at the college is the lowest ever as more and more people fear for their livelihood and the future of their homes and families.”

College principal John Connolly would not confirm whether or not the pay cuts would go ahead, but revealed that the college was undergoing a ‘detailed restructuring.’

He added: “In line with all schools and colleges, and indeed the whole of the education sector, we are having to look at ways to deliver more for less by increasing our efficiency without impacting on the quality of outcomes for our students.”

“We have therefore begun a consultation with our teaching staff on a number of contractual matters.”

“Whilst the outcome of the consultation remains to be determined, our proposals would create a significant number of posts with the opportunity to recognise a number of outstanding lecturers as experts in their profession.”

“If any colleagues are financially affected by the proposals which are eventually agreed, we have already indicated that we would look to offer pay protection to offset the impact as far as possible,” he added.

A spokesperson for the University and College Union said: “Nobody is entirely sure what is happening at North Notts College at the moment and there are a number of proposals that we expect to be the focus of negotiations between the college and unions.”

“We want to sit down with the college and explore all the options available to secure the best position for our members.”