Worksop: MP John Mann ‘very concerned’ about future of police station

Bassetlaw Games awards night.  Pictured is MP John Mann (w121008-7r)
Bassetlaw Games awards night. Pictured is MP John Mann (w121008-7r)

Bassetlaw MP John Mann has said the possible downgrading of Worksop Police Station is ‘very concerning.’

Last week the Guardian reported that Notts Police and Crime Commissioner Paddy Tipping could not guarantee the future of the public service building.

Mr Tipping did confirm that the town would always have a police station but he also revealed that talks have taken place regarding a shared facility with the fire service.

Mr Mann said: “We need a police station in Worksop that’s open and accessible to the public, which we currently have and I will fight to ensure it remains this way.”

“I have previously said that should we ever get a new fire station then it would be sensible to combine it with an ambulance service.”

Speculation surrounding the long-term future of the police station started in July when Mr Mann warned that it had been touted for sale.

According to the Bassetlaw MP, Notts Police denied there were any such plans despite what he had been told.

“I am sure that many people in Worksop will feel aggrieved that the reassurances given by Notts Police now lie in tatters,” Mr Mann added.

“I have consistently campaigned against justice facilities being downgraded in Worksop and I find this about-turn very concerning.”

Speaking at a Notts Police ‘Delivering the Future’ event last week, Mr Tipping said: “There are no plans to close Worksop Police Station at the moment.”

“But let’s be straight about it, the police station is too big for the needs of the police at the moment.”

“So we are looking at a more modern building in Worksop but there will always be a police station in Worksop.”

“What I am keen to do, what the police are keen to do, is to have a police station that works alongside other public services. In the future we may have a new model.”