Worksop man convicted of assaulting ex-partner

Mansfield Magistrates Court
Mansfield Magistrates Court

A Worksop man who tried to pull his ex-partner’s clothes off her before pushing and kicking her out of bed, and throwing a lamp at her, has been convicted of assault.

Ian Peter Stocken, 28, of no fixed address, denied assaulting his former partner Shannon Goucher at their home on Gateford Road, Worksop, on August 2.

The court heard that Ms Goucher returned home from a barbeque with their two-year-old son to find Stocken had been drinking and taking drugs.

She and Stocken discussed the future of their five-year-relationship before an argument developed.

Ms Goucher said: “He said it was my fault if our family broke up but I had been trying to make it work.”

She said that on a one-to-ten scale of intoxication, Stocken was at number nine.

Michael Pryor, prosecuting, told the court their relationship had been deteriorating for some time and Ms Goucher went to sleep with their son in his room.

At around 1am Stocken woke her up and dragged her into their bedroom.

She said: “He started going mad and tried to pull my clothes off. I was telling him to get off me.”

Ms Goucher said Stocken pushed her off the bed, then kicked her out, before throwing a lamp at her. Because the lamp was plugged in it bounced harmlessly off her.

She said Stocken grabbed her by her ankles and wrists and so she bit him on the arm so he would release her.

Stocken admitted drinking one can of beer and smoking one joint, but said on a scale of one-to-ten of intoxication he had been at number two.

He said: “She was my rock. She was everything to me.”

He denied grabbing or dragging her and said he merely tried to guide her to bed and help her get undressed ‘gently’.

But everything that happened afterwards was a matter of self-defence, he told the court.

Sarah Neale, defending, said: “He admitted defending himself and holding on to her ankles and arms. He doesn’t dispute he may be responsible for these bruises. He disputes how they came about. He has provided a consistent account.”

Stocken admitted pushing Ms Goucher off the bed and holding her by the wrists to prevent her from “hammering” him on the chest.

He told the court he had threatened to call the police at one point, but did not as Ms Goucher was crying.

Mansfield magistrates found Stocken guilty of common assault, ruling that Miss Goucher was a credible witness while Stocken’s account was not credible.

He was bailed until January 27 for sentencing while the probation service makes their report.