Worksop: Makeover begins on loos branded ‘£1 million toilet”

Local people are complaining about the condition of the public toilets on Bridge Street (w120606-5a)
Local people are complaining about the condition of the public toilets on Bridge Street (w120606-5a)

Worksop folk caught short while shopping face a game of musical toilets over the next few weeks while one WC shuts and another reopens.

The public toilets on Bridge Street closed on Monday while Bassetlaw Council refurbishes and upgrades them. They will re-open on 2nd June.

The council has apologised for any inconvenience caused and is offering two alternatives.

Toilet facilities are available at the Priory Shopping Centre. But the toilets on Gateford Road have also temporarily reopened.

These were shut in October last year by Bassetlaw Council after reports of drug taking, binge drinking and sex.

The council said the loos would close ‘for the foreseeable future’ following the ‘mindless behaviour of an inconsiderate minority.’

But they have now reopened until the work on the Bridge Street facilities is finished.

Bassetlaw Council was criticised back in 2012 when the cost of its new market base and public toilets on Bridge Street was revealed.

The £856,000 market investment, a planned £46,000 toilets revamp and spiralling running costs of around £21,300 a year sent expenditure on the project over £1 million over four years.

The current revamp of the toilet facilities have come around because they were originally installed with domestic fittings unsuitable for such heavy public use.

With just two cubicles in the gents - and no urinals - visitors became used to queuing and there were complaints over cleanliness.

In 2012 council leader Simon Greaves said: “It’s clear to me that the previous administration got it badly wrong when they signed off the public toilets in 73 Bridge Street in spring 2011.”

“The specification is simply not high enough to cope with the demand that the market move has generated.”