Worksop: Loud, threatening tenant handed court injunction

John Pearson
John Pearson

A man who has persistently caused nuisance and trouble in and around his Worksop home, an A1 Housing property, has been handed an anti-social behaviour injunction.

John Pearson, 25, of Godfrey’s Court, was given the ASBI at Mansfield Magistrates’ Court after A1 Housing and Bassetlaw Council’s ASB team applied to a judge.

It forbids him causing nuisance or annoyance to any person in the Godfrey’s Court area and is accompanied by the power of arrest.

The court heard how Pearson had caused damage to his A1 Housing property and used threatening behaviour against A1 Housing and police officers.

The order, which lasts until 30th October 2014, also forbids him playing loud music at the property.

A1 Housing managing director Bernard Coleman said anti-social behaviour was something nobody should have to tolerate.

“Not only does this ASBI safeguard residents of Godfrey’s Court, it protects our staff and partners from threats of violence.”

“If Mr Pearson violates conditions in this ASBI then he faces arrest and possible further sanction from the courts.”