Worksop: Lost teddy bear reunited with its owner

Ella-Louise Gunn reunited with her lost teddy found by Connie Harrison
Ella-Louise Gunn reunited with her lost teddy found by Connie Harrison

A Worksop youngster has been reunited with her beloved teddy bear thanks to a kindhearted woman and the Worksop Guardian.

Ella-Louise Gunn was heartbroken on Saturday afternoon after losing her bear while out shopping with her family.

She had the colourful bear, who she calls Abi, since she was born, and was devastated when she lost it on Bridge Street.

Frantic searches by family and friends over the weekend were unfruitful, so mum Emma contacted the Guardian in a last ditch attempt to find Abi.

Thankfully the Guardian had already been contacted by Connie Harrison, who had found the bear on Bridge Street and was searching for its owner.

After a few phone calls, the Guardian was able to reunite three-year-old Ella-Louise with her beloved bear.

Emma said: “She had been heartbroken.”

“She wasn’t very well which is why she had the bear with her. We normally don’t take it out of the house incase it gets lost.”

“She lost it when she was on her dad’s shoulders.”

“We went in everywhere looking for it. I came back on Sunday hoping that someone had handed it in or it was sitting in a shop.”

“When we were on the way home from school (on Monday) Ella-Louise made a wish to Santa to find her bear, and an hour later the Guardian called to say it had been found.”

Connie said she found the bear laying in Bridge Street, and could clearly see it had been looked after.

She said: “It looked handmade and you could see it was loved because it’s arm had been stitched back on.”

“I put an appeal on Facebook and people shared it, so thank you to them for doing so.”

Ella-Louise gave Connie a card and some gifts to say thank you for finding Abi.

Emma added: “It’s nice that community has come together and helped.”

“It’s so lovely to know that people do actually care.”