Worksop: Letter box drunk walks free from court

In Court
In Court

A 44-year-old Worksop woman received a 12 month conditional discharge after yelling obscenities through a letter box and being drunk and disorderly in the street.

Shareen Thompson, of Sandy Lane, appeared before Worksop Magistrates’ on Thursday 19th June.

Ruth Snodin, prosecuting, said the defendant was found swearing through a letter box, bottle of cider in hand, on Talbot Road by police.

When they told her to stop, she continued to swear at them and at members of the public on the street before she was arrested.

Thompson’s defence solicitor said that she had travelled to Talbot Road to visit her ex-boyfriend who had telephoned her saying he wanted to resume their relationship.

But when she arrived at his property he refused to let her in, prompting her to shout through the letter box at him.

She added that Thompson knew she had an alcohol problem and was ‘eager to beat it’.

Magistrates told Thompson: “Shouting through a letter box while drunk, at your age, is pathetic.”

They also ordered her to pay £85 court costs along with £15 victim surcharge.