Worksop: Large amount of gold jewellery stolen from family home

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Guardian Police incident logo

A substantial amount of gold jewellery has been stolen from a family in Worksop.

It happened between 2pm and 7.45pm on Friday 17th January when the occupants were away from home in Almond Grove.

Intruders forced entry through the rear patio and stole a selection of gold jewellery, including the following pieces:

• 18 carat gold rings with the following detail:

- A diamond solitaire surrounded by six small diamonds

- Five diamonds in a row.

- A green emerald surrounded by diamonds

- Engraved with ‘3/8/1973’

- A blue sapphire

- A large yellow citrine stone

- Rubies running round the band

- A yellow citrine stone surrounded by diamonds.

• A number of 18 carat gold necklaces

• A plain 18 carat gold cross pendant, as well as another

cross covered in diamonds

• Gold earrings, featuring the following detail:

- A cluster of diamonds

- Hoops with diamonds

- Square diamonds

- Black diamonds encircling a single white diamond

• 18 carat gold bracelets one featuring blue and yellow stones and another with diamonds

• A diamond watch with a round face encrusted in diamonds and a pink strap.

In a further report, three people wearing balaclavas were seen in nearby Sparken Hill at around 7.50pm that same evening.

Det Cons, Colette Melrose, said: “This is an extremely distressing theft in which family heirlooms, some up to 80 years old, have been taken.”

“Many of the pieces are unique and very distinctive. If you saw anything unusual in the area at around that time, call us.”

“If you have seen someone with the jewellery matching the descriptions or have been approached to buy it, pick up the phone.”

Notts Police are adivising people to do all they can to protect their jewellery.

The tips are to be discreet with it in crowded, public places. Don’t make yourself a target for an opportunist thief.

When you are not wearing your jewellery keep it somewhere safe and out of sight. Lock your doors and windows, even if you are at home. Invest in a burglar alarm and use it.

Keep your jewellery in a lockable safe, which is secured to a solid wall or floor. Otherwise, hire a security box through the HSBC bank or other bank or security firm.

Insure your jewellery. If it is already insured, make sure your policy is up-to-date.

Photograph your pieces and upload them to Immobilise so if they are lost or stolen, you stand a better chance of getting them back.

If you have any information contact Notts Police on 101 or call Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.