Worksop: Joy for pensioner author after landing top publishing deal

Stan Davis from Worksop with his acceptance letter from Pegasus Publishing
Stan Davis from Worksop with his acceptance letter from Pegasus Publishing

An overjoyed Worksop pensioner has finally landed a top publishing deal after fifteen years of trying to get his writing noticed.

Stan Davis, of Farndale, Worksop, had ‘almost given up’ after receiving countless rejections from publishers across the country.

But everything changed when the would-be author was contacted by Pegasus Publishers in May of this year- and offered a top contract.

Said Stan: “It was a wonderful feeling. I had sent a sample of my novel, ‘Secrets of the Rio Negro’, off to Pegasus but I didn’t get my hopes up because I had had a lot of rejections in the past.”
“One publisher told me they received 30,000 submissions every year, yet they could only take on two authors. I gave up for quite a long time.”

“But then I was contacted by the submissions editor at Pegasus- he wanted to see the whole book. He read it, and said ‘yes’ straight away. Within weeks I had a publishing deal.”

“Then came the lengthy process of filling in a lot of contracts, but it has all been worth it, of course. It’s very exciting.”

The book centres around a character called Martin Lockwood- a man who appears to have everything including an Oxford degree, money and his pick of women.

A closer look, however, shows a man who has never felt happy, never fallen in love, and whose life has a distinct lack of meaning. When his barrister father passes away, a timely trip to his childhood home allows Martin to find out who the man he called ‘Dad’ really was.

Stan added: “Parts of the book are set in Brazil, so I had lots of researching to do.”

“My next story is set in the Nevada Desert which will take even more research. Pegasus have requested two more novels, and I already have one ready to send. But I love to write new stories. Everyone I know has been so supportive- I’m glad I kept going.”

‘Secrets of the Rio Negro’ will be available from 22nd January and can be pre-ordered from Amazon or purchased from Pegasus by calling 01223 370012.