WORKSOP: Help raise cash for baby Blythe

Baby Blythe Gavagan-Roberts and parents Katie and Becky
Baby Blythe Gavagan-Roberts and parents Katie and Becky

Little Blythe Gavagan-Roberts is learning to live with a new addition to his wardrobe - a special helmet to help reshape his head.

The four-month-old has plagiocephaly and brachycephaly, known as flat head syndrome.

Parents Katie and Becky had a tough decision whether to see if Blythe’s skull would reshape naturally over time or get a helmet fitted while his skull was still soft enough.

“The best time for treatment is between four and 18 months old,” said Katie, 36.

“But the NHS won’t fund the helmets because they class it as a cosmetic procedure.”

Said Becky: “We decided we wanted to give Blythe the best chance and to go ahead with the helmet.”

But it has come at a cost of nearly £2,000.

Said Becky: “That pays for the helmet itself and his scans over the next six months to check how well it’s working.”

Flat head syndrome affects around 13 per cent of babies. But that hasn’t stopped people staring at Blythe in his helmet.

Said Katie: “We want people to understand why he’s wearing it and we’re happy to chat to them about it if they want to ask.”

Money is also tight for the family who have been through a tough time after losing a baby, Evie, in May 2012.

They are now fundraising, with help from friends and family, to pay for Blythe’s treatment.

A coffee morning on Saturday 26th October at Shrewsbury Road community centre, a Halloween ghost hunt at The Regal and a charity gig at the Frog and Nightgown are just some of the events planned.

To donate or find out more visit the Facebook page ‘Funds to help Blythe’.