Worksop: Guardian Rose for Jill whose cakes raised school cash

Guardian Rose presentation to Jill Deakin from St Augustine's Primary School (w130718-7a)
Guardian Rose presentation to Jill Deakin from St Augustine's Primary School (w130718-7a)

Much loved school volunteer Mrs Jill Deakin was thrilled to receive a Guardian Rose on one of the last days of term.

Mrs Deakin has had five of her own children attend St Augustine’s Primary School, on Longfellow Drive, in Worksop.

And her youngest, Carys, is about to leave for secondary school.

So she felt it was time to retire from her duties which have involved running the tick shop, holding baking workshops and raising thousands of pounds towards school coffers in the process.

A rapturous applause rang around the school hall on Friday as head teacher Mrs Jackie Ryan handed over the rose.

Mrs Ryan spoke about all the things Mrs Deakin has done to help the school over the last 20 years.

Every Tuesday and Thursday she has come into school to run the tuck shop.

And she has been instrumental in ensuring school discos and fetes were well stocked with goodies to sell.

Many thousands of pounds have been raised towards school funds thanks to the help of Mrs Deakin, paying for things the school budget can’t stretch to.

And she has done it all voluntarily simply because she loves being with the children.

One parent said: “Jill has baked more cakes for the school than Greggs produces”.

Mrs Deakin was surprised to get the Guardian Rose, as it was the second one the school has nominated her for it.

She said: “I just enjoy coming here. I give them all nicknames and they love it. When you have five kids you appreciate their sense of humour.”