Worksop: From Clumber to the Humber via Sydney

Worksop author Chris Pownall
Worksop author Chris Pownall

Author Chris Pownall has a passion for bridges. Overlooked and under appreciated, these feats of engineering are taken for granted by most who pass over them.

But new book Spanning a Lifetime: A book about bridges and associated stories, seeks to redress the imbalance.

“Not only do I find most bridges very pleasing on the eye, but I admire the architectural and engineering design that goes into building them,” said Chris, of Worksop.

“Some invoke specific memories, whereas others rate highly within my league table of great bridges.”

From Clumber Park Bridge right here in Worksop to the Australia’s Sydney Harbour Bridge and South Korea’s Incheon Bridge, Chris has visited them all.

He said: “They are all bridges that I have either crossed over, passed beneath or simply visited - some close to home and others from my global travels.”

There are even chapters on North American bridges and River Nile bridges.

“Bridges are amazing structures, and I marvel at how ancient civilisations including the Romans were capable of designing and constructing bridges from timber and natural stone. Furthermore how they ever understood the nature of the forces involved, and how these were calculated to provide a bridge capable of spanning a river or a valley, with a functional load bearing capability.”

Spanning A Lifetime is available from Amazon.