Worksop: Disgust at owner who left poorly puppies to die

One of the abandoned puppies brought in to Wildbore Vetstop
One of the abandoned puppies brought in to Wildbore Vetstop

Six poorly puppies abandoned in a Worksop lay-by had to be put down by vets because of their neglected state.

The mixed terrier-type dogs, thought to be six weeks old, were found in a box on the bypass near Solway Foods in Manton in the early hours of Thursday 31st October.

Two members of the public brought the pups to Wildbore Vetstop on Turner Road in Worksop, which operates a 24 hour emergency service.

“The dogs were emaciated, lethargic, dehydrated, had severe diarrhoea, sores on their feet, and they tested positive for parvovirus,” said veterinary surgeon Ben Safrany.

“Due to the poor condition of the puppies and the severity of their condition sadly the only humane option was euthanasia.”

Parvovirus is an extremely contagious infection spread through the faeces of infected dogs.

It causes vomiting and diarrhoea, eventually leading to dehydration and death.

Said Mr Safrany: “Worryingly we are seeing an increase in cases.”

“Cases like this are clearly upsetting. Not only were the puppies abandoned by the owners they were dependant on, but parvovirus infection is preventable in most cases.”

Protection is included in a dog’s yearly booster vaccination. Vets advise that dogs too young to be vaccinated are kept away from public areas and unvaccinated dogs.

“I would urge dog owners to keep their pets up to date with their vaccinations and advise anyone who is worried their dog may be affected to contact their vets.”

Bassetlaw Council, which has responsibility for stray dogs, was left to pay the £500 vet bill in this case.

Assistant cabinet member for neighbourhoods, Coun Josie Potts, said: “I am utterly shocked and disgusted at this callous individual who has dumped six innocent animals and left them to die on the side of the road. Not only are their actions completely irresponsible and neglectful, but they have left the Bassetlaw tax payer to pick up a vets bill around £500.”

Witnesses or anyone with information are urged to call the RSPCA on 0300 1234 999.