Worksop: Couple who lost daughter to stillbirth fundraising for Bassetlaw Hospital in her memory

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A heartbroken Worksop couple who lost their baby to stillbirth are calling on the community to help them raise £35,000 to renovate a room on the Bassetlaw labour ward for bereaved parents.

Matthew and Louise Murphy were devastated when their daughter Essie was born sleeping at Bassetlaw Hospital on Monday June 22 this year, weighing just 345 grams.

But the couple are determined to honour their daughter’s memory by raising funds to help other bereaved parents in their situation.

Louise said: “Essie was perfect and healthy, but was just born too early to survive.

“I was only 21 weeks pregnant when I gave birth and everything had been going well with the pregnancy.

“It was very sudden and completely devastating but the staff at Bassetlaw Hospital were wonderful.

“We were treated with kindness and compassion from the moment I walked into A&E until we left.”

Matthew and Louise were able to spend some precious time with Essie and create cherished memories thanks to a ‘cuddle cot’ which was donated to hospital recently.

The couple are now hoping that support for bereveaed parents at the hospital will be extended with a new room where bereaved parents can receive extra support in a comfortable environment.

Louise added: “We have had some excellent support from a Worksop charity called Joel which was set up by bereaved parents.

“They are currently trying to raise £35,000 to renovate a room on Bassetlaw labour ward that can be used by bereaved parents so they are not on the main ward, but in a comfortable and homely space.

“We want to help them as much as we can to say thank you.”

You can donate at

There will also be a fundraising craft fair at Carlton Civic Centre on Saturday October.

Matthew and Louise also wished to thank their family and friends, the Priory Church, Priory Graphics and the Co-Op Funeral Directors for their support.

Fore more information on the charity Joel, visit or you can follow @TCPJoel on Twitter.