Worksop: Callous thief steals rosary beads from grave of Manton baby

Rosary beads stolen from baby's grave in Hannah Park Cemetery
Rosary beads stolen from baby's grave in Hannah Park Cemetery

A heartbroken family have appealed for the safe return of rosary beads which were stolen by a callous thief from a baby’s grave.

The family of Annie-May Raisbeck are devastated after the beads were taken from the grave at Hannah Park Cemetery on Thursday 23rd January.

Little Annie-May, from Manton, passed away from Sudden Infant Death Syndrome in December 2012. She was just three weeks old.

The beads, made from pink shamballa crystals, were specially made for her butterfly shaped headstone.

Her grandmother Julie Rewston has appealed to whoever took the beads to return them.

She said her daughter Emily and partner Henry Raisbeck, Annie-May’s parents, have been left devastated by the theft.

“It’s so upsetting to think someone has done this. Everyone is really upset,” she added.

Julie said Annie-May’s family visit her grave daily, with Emily visiting twice a day.

“We go everyday to the grave. Emily goes up every morning and evening and keeps a 24 hour candle lit,” she said.

“She was cleaning the grave and noticed the beads were missing.”

“I know we can’t stop anyone looking at the grave, but to specifically go and violate the grave is another matter. It’s unthinkable.”

The beads had been specially made to go on the headstone, the colour matching the engraved writing.

Julie explained that the beads were significant to her daughter, who is due to give birth in two weeks.

“She (Emily) was given small ones from the chapel in the hospital,” said Julie.

“Emily got a set and we gave Annie-May a set to be buried with.”

“They are so significant and Emily still has hers with her now.”

“If you walk around the cemetery there are rosary beads on a lot of the graves.”

“I wouldn’t wish this on anyone, but to take from a baby’s grave is disgusting. It’s grave robbing.”

Julie said the community has rallied around since the theft, helping to spread the word of the appeal.

She added: “We’ve put an appeal on Facebook to try and find them.”

“Lots of people have responded and everyone is disgusted by what has happened. We’ve even offered a reward for information.”

“We’ve put some smaller beads on the headstone now.”

“Hopefully they will stay there until the others are returned.”

Julie appealed for anyone with information to get in touch with her.

Alternatively information can be passed onto the Worksop Guardian.

“If anyone has got any information I would urge them to get in touch. No action will be taken if they are brought back undamaged,” said Julie.

“Someone must have information about their whereabouts.”

“They may not mean a lot to some people but they mean so much to us.

Anyone with information can email Julie at