Worksop: Breath test pubs in the town are named

Corner House, Worksop.
Corner House, Worksop.

Police chiefs have this week named some of the pubs and clubs that will be breathalysing drinkers in the town.

Last week the Guardian revealed how revellers would have to complete a breath test before gaining entry to late night venues in Worksop.

And now officers have said that so far The Waterfront, Yates’s, The Unicorn and the Cornerhouse have signed up to the scheme.

Mark Churchill, manager of the Cornerhouse, said: “Not everybody who comes in will be breathalysed.”

“The problem is when people start pre-loading before they go out.”

“If people want to do that, it is fine, but if someone is stumbling all over the place then we can stop them and prove that they have had too much to drink.”

“It is a visual tool for our staff.”

Drinkers will only be breathalysed on entry and it is understood that the Cornerhouse will set their level to twice the drink drive limit.

Mark added: “We have not been able to control how much vodka someone buys from the supermarket before they come out.”

“I don’t think it will effect business because if they can’t get in one place then they won’t be able to get in them all because we are all doing it.”

“In the past when we have said ‘you are not coming in’ people always say ‘why not’ so I don’t think it will cause us more issues.”

Chief inspector Paul Murphy told the Guardian: “We hope this measure will contribute to reducing violence in our communities.”

“We want to make sure that an evening in the town is a safe and enjoyable experience.”