Winter Wonderland - SLIDESHOW

A BLANKET of snow covered Bassetlaw this week bringing many people a day off work or school.

For some, the slippery conditions were an inconvenience. But others embraced the deluge and headed outdoors for some frosty fun.

Snowfall in Worksop. Worksop Priory w130119-3l

Snowfall in Worksop. Worksop Priory w130119-3l

Families spent hours sledging on the slopes all around Worksop area.

Runners and walkers even braved the elements to get their exercise fix.

And various characters were immortalised in the shape of snowmen in gardens and parks.

Iconic buildings and parks like Worksop Priory, Clumber Park, Memorial Avenue and the Canch all looked glorious in the bright white stuff.

Our photographers captured these beautiful scenes of our favourite landmarks surrounded by snow.

Photos by Chris Etchells and Alan Janaszek.

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