Whitwell lorry driver denies causing 29-year-old cyclist’s death

Court report
Court report

A Whitwell lorry driver failed to indicate before a cyclist was dragged under his vehicle and killed, a court has heard.

Adam Haywood, 31, from Whitwell, is on trial at Derby Crown Court and denies causing 29-year-old Louise Wright’s death by careless driving in July.

Miss Wright was crossing Pennyfoot Street in Nottingham when she died, the jury was told.

Footage was shown to the court which shows her moving forward after waiting at a set of lights, before Mr Haywood’s lorry turns left.

Mr Haywood “did not indicate and he struck the bicycle’s rear wheel”, the prosecution told the court.

Miss Wright was then dragged under the lorry and it ran over her, causing her “catastrophic injuries”.

Martin Hurst, prosecuting, said: “There was no blind spot. She was there to be seen and he didn’t see her.”

The trial continues.