What would happen if Gainsborough was hit by hydrogen bomb?

Areas of Gainsborough that would be affected by the blast
Areas of Gainsborough that would be affected by the blast

Almost 4,000 people would be killed if a hydrogen bomb hit Gainsborough, a computer programme has predicted.

North Korean officials have claimed the country carried out an underground hydrogen bomb test yesterday (Wednesday, January 6).

The computer programme, Nukemap, predicts 3,980 fatalities and 3,240 injuries – if the bomb has a yield of 10 kilotons, as the country claims.

If, in the unlikely event the bomb was dropped in the town centre, the radius of the nuclear fireball would reach a diameter of 150 metres causing fatalities and taking out the town centre, including landmarks such as the Guildhall.

The air blast radius would reach up to 460 metres, stretching out towards Blyth.

The pressure of the blast in this area would cause most buildings to collapse and widespread fatalities.

Radiation would reach almost two kilometres and without medical treatment, there could be between 50 per cent and 90 per cent mortality from acute effects alone.

Dying would take between several hours and several weeks and people more than a kilometre away would suffer third degree burns.