What took him so long?

For years I’ve wondered, as I’m sure have countless others, why a man of Lee Westwood’s vast wealth has stuck around this dump.

The Worksop golfer is said to be worth around £25 million, yet he still round here.

He has so much money that he could literally live anywhere he wants.

If I was him I’d have left this town long ago.

Well, it seems like Worksop’s finest son has finally seen sense and is soon to up sticks and relocate to sunny Florida.

Some might question what Florida has got that Worksop hasn’t.

Apart from a hot, sunny climate, amazing beaches, a beautiful ocean, palm trees, some of the world’s best golf courses, and Disney Land.

Good on him, I say. The whole town should be proud of him for what he’s achieved. It shouldn’t matter to us if he lives here or in Timbuktu.

But I’m sure there will be some who will say he’s turning his back on his roots. Hogwash.

Of course, the good thing to come out of all this is that I will soon be the wealthiest man in Worksop.