We’re all in it together!

NOTTS County councillors from both sides of the political divide gave a rare demonstration of unity last week.

But what was it that brought them together like this? Were they taking a brave and noble stand to protect the best interests of local Council Tax payers?

No, they were in fact defending their own interests, namely their rather generous allowances.

This show of unity followed the revelation that the allowances of Notts County councillors are the highest in England.

If only they were the highest ranked council in the country. In fact, they are only the 53rd highest ranked council in the country. So shouldn’t this mean their allowances are the 53rd highest, not the highest?

The council has made millions of pounds of cuts to services in the last year or so. Jobs have been lost, grants to local charities have been slashed.

Yet not at any point have I heard any of the councillors suggest they take a pay cut to help tackle the financial problems.

What’s that phrase again? ‘We’re all in it together.’