We need to attract people to Worksop

Public meeting with MP John Mann to discuss Bassetlaw Hospital clinical services review information. Mr Mann at the meeting. (w110115-1c)
Public meeting with MP John Mann to discuss Bassetlaw Hospital clinical services review information. Mr Mann at the meeting. (w110115-1c)

I see that there is another plan for a visitor centre in Sherwood Forest and I fully support this.

It does strike me though that because Clumber Park is in the heart of the forest it might make it a more appropriate location for such an investment.

Clumber already has a good infrastructure and it is very well run.

Shouldn’t the County Council be talking to the National Trust about what it could offer there rather than committing another £11 million into a pretty small area near Edwinstowe?

Visitors from outside the area to Clumber rarely extend their visit to Worksop and we need to find ways of attracting some of them into the town.

The Priory Gatehouse could be promoted because the ancient road that once ran through Gatehouse originally came from the forest and then went onwards to York.

At the time this was the main road from the south to the north.

The Gatehouse provided free shelter and refreshment to travellers for up to three days at time.

It clearly was a scheduled resting point for weary travellers. Kings and their armies would have also passed by.

The Priory itself was much larger than today’s Priory Church, extending significantly eastwards.

Richard III fought the battle of Worksop nearby, though nobody knows exactly where.

Two hundred soldiers bodies were found under Cuckney Church in the 1950s, but these may have been taken there and buried under a church extension built in the form of memorial at the time, or so the experts advise me.

Either way, it’s fascinating history and the Priory Gatehouse should be in the middle of it.

Wouldn’t it be great if schools could visit and young people get a feel of the ancient history of our area and indeed our country.

A small number of people are scoffing at the arguments over the probable remains of the King, but if it is Richard III then his re-interment will be a big international event and we should get in on the action.

Every car load of tourists brings revenue into the town, every coach load would be a bonus and I hope we can be imaginative about how we sell our area and not just hope that people discover us by accident.

I have been contacted again about fraudulent organisations leaving fake charity collection bags at people’s houses.

If you are unsure if the bag that has just been left on your door mat is for a registered charity or for private profit you can call the Council to see if the organisation has a clothing collection licence.