We ask the landlords what they think...

Cam Krakow, The Elm Cottage, Gainsborough:

“This campaign idea is really good - we really appreciate the effort. Pubs need all the help we can get at the moment.”

“People just don’t seem to have the money to go out any more, because there are so few jobs out there. It’s been getting really quiet recently.”

“But people need to realise that there’s always a nice and friendly atmosphere in here, and this is a great place to come and socialise. It’s much better to come here and have a laugh than it is to stay at home.”

Denise Gregory, The Peacock, Gainsborough:

“I really support this campaign. If people don’t keep using their local pubs then we’ll just lose them, we’ll disappear and that would be a huge shame.”

“Supermarkets are the biggest problem with their cheap drinks. Plus with the price of everything going up money is tight.”

“But I also think it’s a social thing - the way people socialise now is different. People don’t go to pubs to be social and have a nice time any more - they come out to get absolutely wrecked. So with cheap booze from shops they might come out quite late, already drunk and not spend much time or money here. “

“That’s just a sad truth. If we could get that sense of community back into more pubs then that would be great.”

Brian Moffat, The Hume Arms, Torksey:

“I love the idea of this campaign - it’s great for pubs in the community.”

“People just seem to have got out of the habit of going to the pub, and anything that gets people back into community pubs is great.”

“The sociable side of meeting friends at the pub seems to be dying more and more. It’s a time of doom and gloom but that’s a fact of life.”

“We hope this brings more people in so we can share what we love doing.”

Donna Jones, The Brickmakers Arms, Walkeringham:

“Anything that helps get people back out and supporting local businesses has got to be a great idea.”

“The economic climate is such that people are staying in, but they’re missing out.”

“We’ve probably got one of the best children’s ply areas, we’ve got great value for money, we’ve got brilliant food and we’re very family friendly. It’s the experience more than anything else.”

“I hope that people can get back out and experience their local pubs - that would be great.”

Matthew Calvert, The Ferry House in East Stockwith and the Fox and Hounds in Willingham:

“I think this campaign is a great idea as we all go through our quiet periods.”

“What we offer is good food at reasonable prices. You need to do food to survive, so we keep our prices low and our menu varied to attract a wide variety of people - we’ve something for everyone.”

“We’re very affordable and we try to be as welcoming as possible.”

“We’ve done all we can to make it a great place to come.”

Andrea Cook, Horse and Jockey, Gainsborough

“I think this is a brilliant idea. Before long, if there’s no backing and support for local pubs, then you’ll just see more pubs boarded up and we’ll be a ghost town.”

“The Horse and Jockey is quite a friendly place plus we’ve got a great atmosphere, karaoke, discos and live bands - you can’t get that at home. It’s an experience that can’t be replaced.”