Wales: History is anything but horrible for High School students

Year Seven Wales High School pupils visited Conisbrough Castle
Year Seven Wales High School pupils visited Conisbrough Castle
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Pupils from Wales High School got out of the classroom for some history lessons in a conventional – and not so conventional style.

A group of 50 Year Seven pupils visited Derby Theatre to see a Horrible Histories production.

“The show brought history to life and our students thoroughly enjoyed the experience,” said spokesman Paul Milligan.

“From the theatre we headed to Conisbrough Castle and spent time looking at the defensive features as we headed to the keep.”

“Inside the massive circular keep we explored the 12th Century world of its first inhabitants, Lord Hamelin and Lady Isabel de Warenne.”

“We found out about their lives in the castle keep as animated characters projected on the castle walls told the story of the castle.”

Students also took part in a taught session called ‘Meet the Medievals’ where they had to piece together clues from a variety of sources including pictures, artifacts and text to find out about the lives of the people who lived and worked at Conisbrough.