VIDEO: Wales High students make ‘conkers’ Western movie

A touch of the Wild West came to Worksop as students from Wales High School premiered their new film production.

Students, staff and parents packed out the Savoy Cinema in eager anticipation of the latest offering from the talented teens.

Cast and crew of the Wales High School world premiere of their new film A Fistful of Conkers (NWGU-27-01-14 RA 6c)

Cast and crew of the Wales High School world premiere of their new film A Fistful of Conkers (NWGU-27-01-14 RA 6c)

Here we can show you an exclusive clip from the movie, A Fistful Of Conkers, which stars young actors from the school and former headteacher John Day.

Inspired by the popular spaghetti Western genre, the film is described as a classic tale of revenge, set against the backdrop of a school conker tournament.

The 20 minute movie was shot on location at Wales High School.

It was written and directed by Liam Sanderson who co-ordinates media production at the school.

Year ten student Brandon Fletcher stars in the lead role as The Boy With No Name who has unfinished business with reigning conker champion One Eyed Jack (Max Marsh).

Max left Wales High last year and is now studying a degree in drama and performance at London’s South Bank University, and came back especially for the premiere.

The film also stars Neal Russell as William, who is enlisted by Brandon’s character to strip One Eyed Jack of his conker title.

Devon Whiteley plays school reporter Josie Wales who, desperate for a scoop, agrees to help the pair win the coveted golden conkers trophy.

Mr Day, who retired from Wales High in 2012, makes his screen debut as The Headteacher - a role which had the Savoy audience roaring with laughter.

“We are all very proud of the film and it was a fantastic experience for students to see it on the big screen in front of such a supportive audience,” said Mr Sanderson.

“During the making of the film, the core team of actors and behind-the-scenes helpers showed unbelievable commitment and enthusiasm.”

“The end result has surpassed everyone’s expectations.”

The film will now be entered into film festivals across the UK and internationally.

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