VIDEO: Tesco is not being expanded

The plans to expand the Tesco supermarket in Gainsborough, which would have brought 200 new jobs to the town, are now no longer going ahead, the supermarket chain has confirmed.

People have taken to the Standard’s Facebook page to have their say on the decision by Tesco.

Proposed new Tesco in Gainsborough.

Proposed new Tesco in Gainsborough.

Martin Cook said: “They cant keep the one they have full. No point in building a bigger one.”

Robert Lowdon said: “There’s no need for an extension, and definitely not another supermarket, we should all shop local, and support local businesses, and the local economy.”

Bob Legate said: “I don’t think they intended to expand right from the start.”

Mark Kyleand Jacksdaddy Mewes said: “It would have been a great idea to expand it. We definitely need another supermarket.”

Charles Cakees Munchies Ray said: “Gainsborough was never big enough for the size it proposed.”

Amanda Wasilewski said: “Whenever I go in it’s always very quiet. No need for a bigger store unless you want to kill the town completely.”

James Czartowski said: “Maybe use some of the land near the store to build small independent shops, a bit like the one in Lincoln.”

And Andrew Davies-Land said: “It’s a smart move really, there’s no need for a gigantic store. It’s not like the current one is bursting at the seams.”