VIDEO: ANGER after bikers churn up Nottinghamshire golf course

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Members and staff at a golf club near Mansfield and Ashfield have been left “devastated” after bikers churned up part of the course, causing thousands of pounds of damage.

At least two motorbikes were ridden onto the world-renowned Nottinghamshire Golf Club, at Hollinwell, in Kirkby, ripping up the twelfth green anddamaging the fairway.

Stewart England, club captain of the club, said the “considerable damage” would cost tens of thousands to repair.

He said: “I feel very annoyed because it is pointless and senseless. I can’t imagine why anybody would do this.

“We pride ourselves on the way this golf course is presented, but this damage is making it very difficult for us to be able to do that for quite some time.

“Our members pay a lot of money to be part of this club and it has left them shocked and devastated.”

Martyn Bonner, club manager, said staff were “distraught” after “years of hard work” on the greens.

He said: “We’ve had issues with bikers for a number of years around this area.

“They normally keep to the high ground in the woods, but have been known to come onto the course and scare golfers.

“We had extra security last summer for the championships, because we can’t afford to risk things like this.”

The club is now looking at installing CCTV around the course.

Police confirmed they are looking into incident, which took place after noon on Sunday, December 4.

Anyone with information is urged to call them on 101.

The club is also offering a reward to anybody with information which leads to a successful prosecution.