VIDEO: Aftermath of ‘tornado’ in Retford

Residents of Westhill Road in Retford woke up this morning and had to deal with the aftermath of yesterday’s ‘tornado.’

More than 50 homes were damaged during a storm which hit at around 3pm yesterday (Saturday) which has been described as a minor tornado.

One house which was damaged badly by the storm

One house which was damaged badly by the storm

Chimney stacks were blown from roofs, multiple tiles and television aerial’s were blown some distance from properties.

The homes which were worst affected were cordoned off and the families evacuated.

Despite it still pouring with rain residents were seen sweeping up broken roof tiles which had blown off during the storm this morning (Sunday).

Did you witness the Retford tornado? Have you been affected? If so, and if you have any photos or video of the twister or its aftermath, please email