Used nappies were dumped at Blyton nature reserve

Used nappies were among rubbish dumped at Owlet Nature Reserve in Blyton
Used nappies were among rubbish dumped at Owlet Nature Reserve in Blyton

A visitor to a Blyton nature reserve is disgusted by rubbish, including used nappies, which has been dumped at the site.

The man, who did not want to be named, can’t believe the amount of household waste being dumped at Owlet Nature Reserve in Blyton.

He said: “Once again the Owlet Plantation nature reserve finds itself the victim of the mindless and anti social section of the community, who deemed it acceptable to dump a large quantity of used children’s nappies and stripped electric cable insulation in the reserve, along with old pizza packaging, plastic drinks bottles, cans and other waste.

“The reserve is actively trying to educate members of the public who walk their dogs in the woods to clean up after their animals and put the doggy bags into the bin provided for them in the car park. This alone is an uphill task with some members of the public having no consideration for all the other people that use the woods, especially the many families with young toddlers that walk around the reserve (and are at particular risk of catching toxocariasis).

“To have even more rubbish such as that dumped which again is a health risk and will put even more strain on an already stretched budget shows the mentality of some of our woodland visitors.

“We would ask any members of the public that use our facilities and spot anyone “dumping”rubbish or as is happening on an all to regular basis in recent times lighting fires to please contact the authorities and report them.

“Members of the public that take their dogs for a walk in our wood, we would ask them to please clean up after your dog, I am sure they would be horrified if their child or grandchild where to become ill because they or others hadn’t cleaned up after their dog.”

Paul Jarczewski, site manager for the Woodland Trust, said: “We’re always frustrated when we find littering and fly tipping in our woods.

“Sadly this isn’t the first time that this has occurred, but it is very difficult to catch and prosecute people.

“The safety and condition of our woods is of upmost importance to us, and we are already working towards having the waste removed from Owlet wood. We appreciate local residents’ patience during this time.

“As a charitable organisation, it’s disheartening when our funding has to go towards cleaning up after mindless individuals, who choose to illegally dump waste in our woods.

“I would urge everyone to remember their duty of care towards the environment.

“By taking litter away with you and keeping your dog on a lead, we can make sure our woods are places worth visiting.”