Up to 60 jobs are to be cut at SYPTE

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Guardian News

South Yorkshire Passenger Transport Executive (SYPTE) is cutting up to 60 jobs - 16 per cent of the workforce.

This brings the total number of SYPTE job losses since 2011/12 to 100 - a reduction of 30 per cent.

SYPTE has submitted its 90-day notice of the redundancies to the Government, and is consulting with trade union representatives.

The announcement comes after a ‘comprehensive workforce review’ by the company.

Bosses say savings have to be made as the public sector continues to face ‘tough times’. They say the company is limited in the areas where cuts can be made because much of its budget is mandatory for things including fare concessions for older people.

David Brown, South Yorkshire Passenger Transport Executive director general, said: “We are all aware that the country’s economic difficulties are continuing and all public sector organisations are subsequently facing budget cuts.”

“SYPTE is no different, and it is with much regret that we need to make difficult decisions with regard to the deployment of the budget and associated resources.”

“This has resulted in the need to make significant workforce reductions through a combination of voluntary and compulsory redundancies, and voluntary early retirement in order to meet the budget savings required.”

Applications for voluntary redundancy and early retirement have been taken, with the staff involved finding out this week. The reductions will be made by the end of March 2013 for the start of the new financial year.

Mr Brown added: “SYPTE has made this very difficult decision in consultation with trade union officials and comprehensive workforce reviews.”

“Every effort will be made to minimise the impact on the customer, and SYPTE will continue to identify, develop and deliver key strategic priorities for the whole of the Sheffield City Region.”

Consultations with the workforce will start next week, and SYPTE says it will work with those affected to help ‘identify and consider’ any employment opportunities.