Twitter toil for Worksop

ONE of my favourite pastimes at the moment is doing a search for the word ‘Worksop’ on Twitter.

It never fails to throw up some absolute pearlers.

These tweets show the sort of esteem our town is held in, by outsiders as well as people who live here.

Here are some of the best tweets about Worksop from this week.

‘I just wanna move somewhere far away from Worksop.’

‘If I can get a well-paid job I’ll be the best thing to come out of Worksop of my generation, that’s how bad it’s getting.’

‘Worksop gets worse every day.’

‘Worksop, where people point at planes ...cos its the most exciting thing that will happen all day !’

‘I really want to move away from Worksop, pity my mum doesn’t think so.’

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