Turbine manager wants focus on young business

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A NEW manager has been appointed to oversee Worksop’s Turbine Innovation Centre, with a vision of attracting young businesses to the complex.

Paul Hastings is a former banking executive, local businessman and business advisor with years of experience.

He has also taken on Mansfield i-Centre, and the two centres combined currently provide office space and facilities for 120 businesses.

Both centres are part-owned by the local district councils and Notts County Council, and managed by Oxford Innovation.

“I’m looking forward to attracting more young businesses to both centres and using my business experience and credentials to provide additional value for our existing customers’ journey with us,” said Mr Hastings.

Paul said his first priority was to find affordable options for small and medium sized enterprises.

Worksop Turbine Innovation Centre is based at Shireoaks Triangle Business Park, near Worksop.

Just a handful of vacant spaces remain at both centres. To find out more, call 01909 512100 or email hello@worksop-turbine.co.uk