Trust PPI to be ending just as I think of a great joke about it

Steve N Allen
Steve N Allen

It’s week two of my posting to the Edinburgh Fringe, writes Steve N Allen.

I’m performing a show called Better Than and I have been fortunate enough to get included in The Telegraph’s Joke of the Fringe list.

It’s just a little one-liner on the topic of sexting, which I describe as, ‘fun and a great way to get rid of those PPI people’.

But it’s a joke that I’ll have to give up.

Not because it appeared in a national paper – I don’t think the average Telegraph reader comes to my shows.

No, I have to say goodbye to that joke because the PPI deadline is looming.

It feels like you cannot move for adverts telling you about the deadline.

It’s been a long time coming but after August 29 we won’t be pestered by the calls and texts.

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Obviously I don’t believe that a deadline will actually be kept to because that doesn’t seem to happen these days.

I think we had the worst end of the deal.

Firstly, banks sold us insurance we probably couldn’t use.

Then we were told we should get the money back and the adverts started showing people so happy with their win.

But it wasn’t a win because it was your money being handed back to you.

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It’s like finding a £20 note in a shirt pocket before you put it in the wash; it was your money all along and yet you feel like life’s winner.

Instead of just giving us all our money back it became a system where we were spammed.

Yet again the banks do something wrong and it feels like we are the ones to pay for it.

The irony is, when you go into a bank, they still chain the pens to the desks like we’re going to nick from them.