Work starts on 60 streetlights for A60 near Worksop

Council workers place new streets lighting along Carlton Road (w120209-5a)
Council workers place new streets lighting along Carlton Road (w120209-5a)

EXTENSIVE work has begun to install streetlights along the A60, near Worksop.

Notts County Council is currently working on putting in 63 new lights along this stretch of the A60 which runs for 1.8km between the outer limits of Worksop near Eddison Park Avenue to the edge of Carlton at Wigthorpe Lane, near Sandhills.

However, concerns have been raised that streetlights are being installed along this rural road, while many other nearby village are having theirs turned off each night at midnight.

But the council says that this is an essential measure to make the A60 much more safe.

A council spokesman said: “We’re putting them in because over the past three years there have been five serious road accidents along this stretch - two of them fatal and one serious.”

“Four of those five occurred in dark conditions including both of the fatal accidents and the serious accident. This is a very high proportion as on average in Nottinghamshire only 1 in 3 accidents occurs in darkness.”

He continued: “This stretch currently unlit by street lighting and subject to the national speed limit. The lengths on either side, however, are both illuminated and subject to 30mph limits.”

“We’re putting in the lights to join the two existing illuminated lengths and will also be obtaining a speed limit order to reduce the speed there to 50mph.”

He added: “With regards to how this squares with the switching off of streetlights in other areas, we’ve said all along that we will continue to light crime and accident blackspots.”

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