‘Failed to look’ road campaign

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Guardian News

Road users in Notts who fail to look properly when out and about on the county’s roads are being targeted in a new campaign.

Notts County Council has launched the ‘Failed to Look’ campaign in a bid to cut the number of people injured each year on Notts roads.

Between 2007 and 2011 there were more than 4,000 road traffic accidents in Notts which involved someone failing to look properly.

The campaign is aimed at all road users and uses advertising on the back of buses as well as pavement art to get the message across.

Using accident data, the council has been able to target particular bus routes and locations.

The key messages of the campaign are that all road users should - make eye contact with other road users, pay attention when using the road, use their senses – hearing as well as sight.

Promotional artwork is being put on buses and pavement art is also being used, with vinyl panels going near car parks and shopping areas.

“It really does sound very obvious but one of the first rules of the road is to keep your eyes peeled and ensure you see what’s going on around you at all times,” said Zena Oliver, the council’s principal highway safety officer. “That applies to all road users, whether they are on foot, riding a cycle or motorbike, or are behind the wheel of a car.”