Thoresby Colliery Band needs YOU

Thoresby Colliery Band pictured at the National Finals at the Roayl Albert Hall earlier this year
Thoresby Colliery Band pictured at the National Finals at the Roayl Albert Hall earlier this year

Thoresby Colliery Band is appealing for help after learning it may need to find a new home.

The band has been based in Edwinstowe since its formation in 1948 but now Thoresby Colliery need permanent use of the facilities the band use from the end of October.

The colliery and UK Coal are looking for alternative venues to house the band but say they can’t guarantee they will find one - which would leave the band homeless and struggling to survive.

Band chairman George Kennedy said: “Following the band’s departure from the social club back in January Thoresby Colliery and UK Coal were good enough to take the band in.”

“But it seems that we may need to move again so we are desperately looking to find a home that we can use in the longer term, together with the financial support that we need to enable us meet our annual running costs.”

The band, which is due to celebrate its 65th anniversary next year, is one of few remaining working colliery bands in the country.

It has always enjoyed close links with its local community but is totally reliant on income from concerts, donations and grants.

Last October it represented the midlands at the National Championships of Great Britain in London and appeared live on the BBC performing at the official 9/11 remembrance ceremony. The band also won Best Colliery Band at the 2012 Butlins Mineworkers Championships earlier this year.

But the band is struggling financially to maintain its championship standard and meet its weekly obligations - a situation which will only get worse if faced with hiring new rehearsal and storage space.

All the band members give their time voluntarily and rehearse two nights a week, increasing to every night in the weeks running up to competitions.

The band has a dedicated following of regular supporters who help with fundraising, but costs of the last two years have been high and band resources have dwindled.

Band manager Andrew Bevan added: “If you are able to help with sponsorship or any type of funding or can provide a new home for the band anywhere in the Nottinghamshire area please come forward and talk to us.”

“We desperately need your help. We are very proud of our heritage and dedicated to making excellent music and we have so much to offer to a potential sponsor.”

Contact George on 07885 104919 if you think you can help.