There is big demand for broadband

Coun Kay Cutts, Leader of Notts County Council
Coun Kay Cutts, Leader of Notts County Council

Are you frustrated by slow internet speeds at home or at work? If so, you’re among 45,600 other Bassetlaw residents and more than 2,100 businesses in this district that are still getting slow, or, worse still, no broadband service at all.

That’s more than 40 per cent of all properties here in Bassetlaw.

Poor internet speed affects people in rural locations far more than those who live in urban areas. It makes life particularly difficult for rural businesses, especially those trying to sell products or services via a website. It also makes the area less attractive to outside companies seeking to relocate.

For families, it’s disappointing not to be able to use the latest computer programmes, to download music albums, films and video clips or simply to work from home by linking to their office online. Children feel left out because their classmates, who live nearer towns, can use the intranet for homework research, play online computer games and watch their favourite films.

The reason why we’re in this situation is that telecoms companies think it’s not commercially worth their while to come out to rural villages to replace cables and update equipment.

It’s a bad situation and it could stay like this for many years unless we join together and make our voices heard.

That’s why Nottinghamshire County Council and its partners, including Bassetlaw Council, are campaigning to get the telecoms companies to prioritise broadband improvement in this area.

We’ve raised around £8m from our own budget, district councils’ and the government towards purchasing this work, but we desperately need the telecoms companies to fund the rest and to prioritise Nottinghamshire’s villages.

You can help with this campaign by simply registering your details on our Superfast Broadband for Notts pledge counter. We want to prove to the telecoms companies that there is demand here in Bassetlaw and that it will be worth their while.

Just go to and click to pledge.

If your computer is really slow then you can phone to pledge on 08449 80 80 80.

Coun Kay Cutts

Leader, Notts County Council