The Yanks put us to shame

‘Four more years! Four more years! Four more years!’

This has got to be up there with ‘Get in the hole!’ and ‘USA! USA! USA!’ as one of the more annoying chants that can come out of the huge flappy mouths of Americans.

Thankfully, it’s all over now, and with this being Barack Obama’s final term in office, we won’t have to hear this din for another eight years now.

But painfully annoying as many Americans may be, you’ve got to hand it to them when it comes to voter participation.

The sheer enthusiasm of the American people as they take part in the democratic process is infectious, and while a lot of it is a ridiculous, over the top circus, it puts the political apathy that is rife within British society to shame.

In fact, as I followed the action on Twitter and the news this week, it seems us Brits are more interested in the elections of a country thousands of miles away, than our own.

As one wit tweeted me this week - I can’t wait for the round-the-clock coverage of the next election in Burkina Faso.