The school of hard cash

I WAS staggered to read that £10 MILLION is being spent on a new school for Harworth.

Sounds like a little bit of an extravagance if you ask me.

Firstly, they’ve already got a school, so what do they need a new one for?

From what I hear, the current school has got running water and electricity - which is more than can be said for most places round here. What else do they want?

I hear a large portion of this 10 million smackaroos will be spent on all the latest technology.

Fancy gadgets and gizmos like interactive whiteboards and computers.

When I was at school we had a blackboard, some paper, and pencils. That’s it.

Yet my generation didn’t end up doing too badly. In fact, we’re the ones who put the Great into Great Britain.

All this at a time when we’re told the country hasn’t got two brass farthings to rub together.

Spending £10 million on a school... the world’s gone mad.