The joy of leaving by text

Steve N Allen
Steve N Allen

You can now change your mobile provider by text, writes Steve N Allen.

That seems fair.

They keep sending me texts that I don’t want to see, so it’s nice it can go the other way.

It is a much needed new rule because we have been ripped off.

When you take out a contract and get a free handset, you pay both a monthly line rental and a monthly fee to pay back the handset.

At the end of the contract term, the phone company keeps charging you the same amount every month even though you have fully paid off the phone.

You might as well throw Gift Aid on to that because you’re treating the phone company like it’s a charity.

Changing network can seem like a pain, but now Ofcom have brought in the text-to- switch system.

In general that’s great, but it means you don’t get to do that thing where you can call them up and threaten to leave, and they start to beg.

They offer you discounts, free handsets, back rubs, it gets a bit needy.

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If you are going to leave by text, please make sure you send it to the right number.

We have all done that thing where we send a text to the last person who messaged you and you forgot it was your other half.

If you sent a message that reads, ‘I want to leave you. I can get a better deal elsewhere and they’ll give me more minutes’, it will take some explaining to your spouse.

Also under the new plans you can change networks within 24 hours, so I suppose that means that when you change network you will only have 24 hours where people can’t call you.

And that’s the best reason to do this.

A whole day where you can’t be contacted.

Sounds like bliss.