The hunt is on for City Region Business Awards judging panel

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The City Region Business Awards are just two months away and the hunt is on for judges.

We are looking for four people who have a breadth of view that spans this huge area.

They must be experienced in business, rigorously independent and totally unbiased in order to carry out such an important job. Once we have identified suitable candidates they will be invited to lend their support.

The business awards are back for a second year with an Apprentice theme – and the speaker is a star of the hit BBC show Nick Hewer.

The presenter is famous for his facial expressions, borne of a dry wit and a lifetime in business, which tell viewers exactly what he thinks of contestants.

He will be ably supported by BBC Look North’s Clare Frisby who is returning as host. The presenter will run the show following a superb performance at the launch last year.

This year’s contest, which will celebrate the importance of apprentices to the region’s fast growing economy, takes the winners from the area’s six biggest business awards and pits them against each other to find the ‘first among winners’.

The ceremony on July 3 at Ponds Forge International Sports Centre, brings together contests run by the region’s four Chambers of Commerce, plus for the first time this year, the Worksop Guardian, Derbyshire Times, and the Mansfield Chad newspapers.

The inclusion of more entries from a bigger geographical area gives the event – and therefore a win – even greater prestige.

Victory in the ultimate business contest will only be for the best of the best.

For ticket information call Haroldine Lockwood on 07803 505658 or email