The challenge this Christmas is to try and fit it all in

Christmas is always a special time of year and when you have a little one it becomes magical.

That might sound a little twee but seeing our two-year-old getting ever more excited this year does give you a warm glow inside.

Finding space for everything is part of the fun

Finding space for everything is part of the fun

Little one is starting to understand Christmas a lot more this year, recognising who Santa is and knowing that he is coming to bring her a present at some point this month.

We’ve also been making Christmas cards at home and Sky has been showing Christmas movies since August (alright, maybe not that far back but it seems they have been moving into Christmas mode for the last six weeks).

And we’ve also got our Christmas tree up and have had since November 22.

What, I hear you all cry, November!

You’re wrong, you’re just endorsing the over-commercialising of Christmas!

Have you not seen the irritating self-righteous codswallop being posted on Facebook?

Yes I have, and my simple reply is, I don’t recall ever needing your permission to do anything in the privacy of my own home before and I certainly don’t intend to change that, so get lost.

Our tree is up because it was Thanksgiving Day in the USA and over in Ohio, where my sister and her family live, they have put their Christmas decorations up as part of the Thanksgiving celebrations which then lead straight into the Christmas build-up.

And thanks the wonders of technology, a video call to the USA meant little one and her American cousins could chat to each other and see each other’s Christmas trees live in glorious social media.

And little one loved it so that’s all that matters.

Getting our tree up was also a masterclass in lounge Tetris as we tried to re-arrange everything to fit said tree in and still have room four ourselves and all little one’s stuff.

Ah, little one’s stuff, every time I look there seems to be more of it

People said, when we embarked on parenthood, that we would accumulate a lot of stuff.

I didn’t truly appreciate just how much stuff.

There’s tons of it!

Boxes, books, toys, bits of toys, pens, colouring books, the list goes on and on.

And it gets everywhere and just takes over, like some sort of alien swarm.

We had to have a garage clearout last month just to be able walk into it again.

It doesn’t help that my other half is a keeping, hoarding type who wants to keep ‘memories’ while I’m more ‘has it been used in the last months? No? Get rid’.

But even she is now realising that Christmas means a whole new invasion of stuff.

And this stuff has to be found a space for in a house that is already looking somewhat full.

We’ve almost got to have our own house Brexit, deciding what should remain and what can stay.

The alternatives are find a bigger house or turn the garden into a new outdoor storage facility (perhaps finally finding a use for that gazebo I bought for a rained-off barbecue).

Actually, that would then clear some more space in the garage – result!

Merry Christmas.