Teaming up to tackle fraud

South Yorkshire Police has teamed up with Action Fraud – the central point of contact for reporting fraud and financial internet crime.

Run by the National Fraud Authority, Action Fraud will be the main agency for people to contact if they are a victim of a scam or fraud.

Reports taken will be used to formulate a national picture as well as being passed on to other agencies for further investigation.

Graham Wragg, manager of South Yorkshire Police’s economic crime unit said it will improve the service police give to victims of fraud.

“We will be able to analyse fraud offences and those who perpetrate it across the country rather than just locally, thereby enhancing our ability to detect and prosecute offenders,” he said.

“Where there are viable leads of enquiry, Action Fraud will task the relevant law enforcement agency to investigate. Where offenders are present at the scene and fraud is being perpetrated, police will always respond and victims should ring 999.”

“I’d encourage people who have concerns about fraud to visit the Action Fraud website, where they will be able to access fraud prevention advice.”

To report fraud visit or call 0300 123 2040.