Take extra care around water

Isn’t it funny how we yearn for warm weather here in the UK, but as soon as we get a heatwave it doesn’t take us long to realise we aren’t equipped with fans and air-conditioning to really cope with it.

But it doesn’t take much sun for us to don the shorts and sunglasses, and as the sweltering weather continues - and even more so now the rain and flash flooding has come - we’d just like to remind you about taking extra care around water.

We are lucky enough to have a number of waterways on our patch. When the sun beats down and the temperatures soar the water may look tempting, but don’t be fooled.

On the last count 15 people have died in old quarries, lakes and rivers across the country. Some of them were strapping, strong swimmers, making it hard to believe they could have succumbed to the depths. But this is only proof of the dangers water can pose.

Below the surface there are strong currents, hidden depths - or, indeed, hidden shallows - vegetation and sunken objects that could cause injury or restrict your ability to stay afloat. But then again it’s not just obstacles in the water that can hinder you. Cold temperatures and steep or muddy banks are deadly. Even swimming in your clothes is a lot harder than you’d think, much harder than in your swimming kit or even your pyjamas, like many of us did for the life-saving course at school.

Be careful. If you fancy a dip head to the leisure centre, or find a friend with a paddling pool!

On a related note, residents who live at Shireoaks Marina have been having issues with a group of youths running up and down the jetty and jumping onto their boat houses. Not only is this dangerous, it is extremely inconsiderate and disruptive. It’s the equivalent of running through people’s gardens or on their roofs.

We urge parents to be aware of where your children are when they are not at home and, more importantly, what they are doing. If you think your child may be involved, please advise them of the potential consequences of their actions. Breakages will have to be paid for and they will have to face up to the police if it continues.

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