Tackle extremism at source

Bassetlaw residents have joined MP John Mann in submitting their concerns regarding the proposed cuts to local ambulance stations
Bassetlaw residents have joined MP John Mann in submitting their concerns regarding the proposed cuts to local ambulance stations

The discovery of an alleged terrorist living in nearby Saxilby in Lincolnshire sould act as a wakeup call.

Rather than follow the morons who abuse any passing Moslem or throw bricks through windows in a drunken and cowardly haze, we need a proper approach that protects the law abiding large majority of Muslims who live in the UK, including the handful in Bassetlaw and isolate the extremists.

As with Northern Ireland we need to work with the peaceful majority and route out the terrorists and their supporters.

Over the last weekend I challenged the chaos in the Governments attempts to deal with Islamic extremism.

Government efforts to tackle the growth of extremism on university campuses are clueless. Chasing invisible shadows, the Government’s extremism strategy fails to differentiate between counter terrorism and tackling the ideological roots of extremism.

The security services have a well developed approach to terrorism, but the tackling extremism strategy is incoherent, with Baroness Warsi and Eric Pickles throwing seeds up in the air and watching as they blow in the wind.

I have repeatedly challenged universities and ministers over individuals preaching extremist views and argued for a single effective system that can be used to ban extremists and challenge groups inviting extremists.

The university campus, traditionally the most tolerant part of society has become the breeding ground for terrorism.

Four years ago some of their fellow travellers tried to ban me from visiting Nottingham University because I was challenging them robustly.

It shows how twisted our system has become. The Government and everyone in Westminster must take its head out of the sand.

We need to challenge extremism at its source, and not wait until terrorists are planning attacks and then seeking them out.

The extremist preachers are known and we tolerate them at our peril. Fighting terrorism will never be simple, but the principles in fighting it are and it is about time this country took action against the extremists on our campuses.

The deep public outcry and distress in response to the murder of Drummer Lee Rigby reflect the respect that we have for our armed forces, the danger they place themselves in and the risks they take.

This is why I organise a Veterans and Armed Services event on an annual basis. In previous years it has been kindly hosted by local institutions including Hodsock Priory, Clumber Park and North Notts Arena. Last year Welbeck Abbey kindly invited our veterans into the park and this year we will be at Bassetlaw Museum on Saturday June 23rd beginning at 2pm. Once again guests will be treated to afternoon tea and entertainment. This event will not happen without the support of local organisations and our local councillors.

Entrance is by ticket only. Previous guests should have received letters in the post inviting them to apply for tickets but if you or a member of your family is serving or has served in the armed forces and would like to attend please contact my office on 01909 506200.

I was delighted to accompany 30 children from St Patrick’s School in Harworth to the rugby on Sunday. Free tickets were provided by the RFU and a coach was laid on by Cllr Sheila Place.

Our thanks go to both of them. The day was made even more exciting by a streaker running across the pitch. I know you are asking - male!