Support for young carers in Bassetlaw at special event

Young carers in Bassetlaw
Young carers in Bassetlaw

Young carers in Bassetlaw were recognised at a special event to thank them for everything they do.

The event was organised by BPL and helped identify young carers in the area and means that they will get vital support and funding that is available.

BPL’s health and wellbeing officer, Angie Dainty, highlighted that there weren’t many events in Bassetlaw for young people who were caring for relatives and as Angie has first hand experience of this through her grandchildren, she went to work arranging an event.

With the help and support of Nicola Boswell, customer service advisor for BPL, and Vicky Waring of Home instead, Angie decided to ask friends, customers and family members to donate presents, not only to give to the children but to their families as well. David Challinor, chair for Bassetlaw District Council also provided funding for gifts.

Lauren Medlam, support worker at the Carers’ Trust, said: “Angie and Nicola created a fantastic day but most importantly the new young carers who have been identified will receive all the support and funding we can now offer them.”

The children were also given a £120 gift card.

The reaction from the young carers was heart-warming with one saying: “I can’t believe it, I’ve been asking for a gym pass but we just haven’t had the funds, thank you.”

One said: “Please can you pass my big thanks on to those who donated this, it’s excellent.”

With another saying: “We are in shock of the kindness that BPL have shown, we won’t forget it, thank you.”

And as a result of identifying the lack of support and due to the success of the day, since January 1, Bassetlaw now has its very own young carer service.

A young carer does not always identify themselves as a young carer but if you are under the age of 18 and help to look after a relative with a disability, illness, mental health condition or substance misuse.

If you are a young carer you probably look after one of your parents or help take care of a brother or sister.

If you are interested in finding out about the additional support for young carers please contact or