Super scooter keeps David flying high

David Bell using his TGA Supersport scooter to tow one of his planes on his farm
David Bell using his TGA Supersport scooter to tow one of his planes on his farm

Being disabled isn’t stopping one Retford man from hitting the heights and taking to the skies.

Retired farmer David Bell, 58, suffers from muscular dystrophy

But despite that, he continues to fly light aircraft from his airfield thanks to the assistance of his rugged TGA Supersport mobility scooter.

Before taking early retirement due to walking and mobility difficulties, David was a dedicated arable and cattle farmer.

However, when he reached 50 he started to experience more and more mobility difficulties and after tests, was diagnosed with muscular dystrophy.

But even though his condition is progressive David continues, to be highly active these days and manages his land thanks to his powerful three-wheel mobility scooter.

His TGA Supersport is nicknamed the ‘Harley Davidson of scooters’ and has allowed David to continue with his other passion – flying light aircraft.

David has been a qualified pilot for 12 years and is fully able to fly competently despite his condition.

He houses several planes in his hanger, including a vintage 1920’s RAF Tiger Moth which was recently featured on ITV when Britain’s oldest man, Jack Reynolds aged 104, took a flight in it from David’s farm and runway.

David said: “I have flown all over this country and around Europe as far away as Malta, Italy, Germany and Poland.”

“I first discovered the TGA Supersport when I saw someone driving one in town.

“Since having my own Supersports, here and in Switzerland, you wouldn’t believe the number of amazed people who have come up to me asking about my scooters.

“When I am not using a scooter to move planes around I take one on holiday and to agricultural shows.

“Back on the farm I also use my Supersport for lots of jobs including towing trailers full of logs

“I’ve pushed this scooter to the limit up rocky Swiss mountain tracks and driving around towns.

“It is an added bonus that I can tow the planes, I probably use it for things that it really wasn’t designed for, but whatever I have asked of it, it has never let me down.”