Sponsored slim for ‘our hero’ Jack

Jack Kirkland with mum Elaine and grandma Barbara
Jack Kirkland with mum Elaine and grandma Barbara

A Worksop pupil who suffers from a rare and debilitating skin condition has inspired his family to do a sponsored slim in aid of charity.

Valley pupil Jack Kirkland, 13, was diagnosed last year with Stevens-Johnson Syndrome - a rare disorder which causes painful skin blistering, fever and eye damage.

He has suffered with multiple mouth ulcers since the age of seven and has had several spells at Sheffield Children’s Hospital for treatment.

His mum Elaine and grandma Barbara have been so touched by the care shown by staff at the hospital that they have embarked on a sponsored slim.

The pair have already shed a stone each six weeks in and are on target to raise £1,000 by the end of April to buy entertainment equipment for patients at the hospital.

Said Elaine: “We have given a box of chocolates and bottle of wine to Professor Cork and his team for their fantastic work, but we feel it is not enough.”

“Jack is our hero and we want to do everything we can to help him and other youngsters.”

Added Barbara: “We are doing really well so far on our own, just counting calories. We only have to look at Jack and that’s all the motivation we need.”

The Kirklands have raised more than £800 this year thanks to generous donations from family, friends and local businesses.

Elaine said Jack’s condition is so debilitating he has to be kept isolated at the hospital to avoid risk of further infection.

“This has really taken over his life and it has been so difficult, but he has remained so strong - he really is an inspiration to us all.”

Anyone who would like to sponsor Elaine and Barbara should call 07907 778897 or 07791 367393.