‘Special measures’ for Anston school

Anston Brook Primary School  (w120607-2b)
Anston Brook Primary School (w120607-2b)

A NORTH Anston primary school has been put into special measures by inspectors for ‘failing’ to give students an acceptable standard of education.

Anston Brook Primary School was rated as ‘inadequate’ - the lowest possible rating - in four of five areas by Ofsted.

The only area classed as ‘good’ was the behaviour and safety of pupils.

Inspector Joan McKenna said the school was ‘less effective’ than it had been at its previous inspection with a ‘declining trend’ in attainment and inadequate achievement by the time pupils reach year six. In 2009 the school had received a ‘good’ rating.

“Action being taken to remedy weakness in teaching and in leadership and management is not having a sufficient and fast enough impact,” she said.

Mrs McKenna said pupils get off to a good start, but their ‘progress slows’ as they move through the school. Attainment in English and maths was described as ‘low’.

She continued: “Some teaching is effective, especially for younger pupils.”

“At Key Stage 2, teaching is not ensuring that pupils learn well enough overall. Work set is not always sufficiently challenging or matched closely to pupils needs.”

“Pupils do not always receive enough information on how well they are doing or how to improve their work so that they reach challenging targets.”

To improve Mrs McKenna said both the quality of the teaching and the effectiveness of the leadership and management had to be addressed.

Dorothy Smith, director of schools and lifelong learning in Rotherham, said it was disappointing to see the school placed in special measures.

“We are already in the process of securing a partnership with an executive headteacher to help support the school through its improvement work, an action which has proved very beneficial in other local schools where sharing best practice has helped raise standards,” she said.

“In addition, a new deputy headteacher has been appointed to form a new leadership team.”

“As the Ofsted report comments there are a number of positives to build on such as the care and support children receive, the fact they enjoy lessons and feel safe, the good early years provision, the stimulating learning environment the school provides, the good relationships and positive feedback from parents about the school.”

A number of initiatives are being introduced to raise standards at the school, including ensuring teachers are using their assessments to inform their planning so that pupils needs are met.

They will also be ensuring marking and feedback is helping the children understand how to improve and leaders will be more involved in monitoring the quality of teaching and learning in the future.

“All of these initiatives are leading to accelerated progress in pupils learning,” continued Mrs Smith.

“We are confident that a fresh start and this extra support will quickly see a marked improvement in standards so that children at Anston Brook will get the best possible start in their education,” she added.

The school will now face up to five further inspections over the next two years to see if improvements are being made.

If the special measures have not been removed after two years the school will be inspected again.