South Yorks: Campaign to help stop opportunist thieves

Deputy Chief Constable Andy Holt
Deputy Chief Constable Andy Holt

South Yorkshire Police have launched a new campaign to tackle burglary and car crime.

Operation Lockdown - Keep it Safe will feature four fictional characters, PC Andy Beat, Siren the police dog and two criminals, Nick De Mota and Robin Holmes, who will be used to encourage householders and vehicle owners to secure their property and keep items out of view from criminals.

One aspect of the campaign will be a new, dedicated website, on which users can track on a daily basis where vehicle crime and burglary has happened. The website can be viewed via the Force’s wensite at

Deputy Chief Constable Andy Holt said: “Officers and staff are working hard to catch offenders and conduct extra patrols in hotspot locations and since Operation Lockdown began at the start of October we have arrested 436 people for these offences. But we cannot do it alone and you can also stop the opportunist thief by securing your property.”

“A significant number of crimes can be avoided if residents and motorists take some simple preventative measures to secure their properties. I can’t stress enough the importanance of making sure your property is secure and valuables are out of sight.”